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Always be a step ahead

Heptagone assists individuals, companies and legal specialists with all issues which require the acquisition of strategic information both in Switzerland and abroad.

Thanks to its interdisciplinary expertise and its substantial international network, our firm is able to offer business intelligence and investigative solutions which are finely attuned with present issues and tools.

With the support of its directors who are qualified lawyers, Heptagone can rely on a strong expertise in matters relating to litigation support for law firms both in Switzerland, and abroad.

Our firm also offers customised services in matters relating to investigation, surveillance and media monitoring.


Protect your business and your reputation

Combining its traditional due diligence and investigative experience with its compliance expertise, Heptagone is at the forefront of AML risk management.

Serving banking clients, independent managers, entrepreneurs, or investment funds, Heptagone offers unique and innovative solutions for KYC / Due diligence / PEP / Sanctions checks and processes.

Our firm is also the leader in custom “crypto” due diligences applied to funds held in the form of cryptocurrencies, tokens, and in the analysis of business models based in whole or in part on blockchain technologies.


Take control of your E-reputation

Regarding E-reputation issues, our firm offers innovative solutions to a large range of problems relating to the management, and protection of online reputation.

From e-reputation audit to national and international legal actions, and communication of influence strategies, Heptagone will be able to assist you control your online reputation.

Our firm also offers custom media, web, deep web and darknet monitoring services and analysis.

Heptagone’s director Solange Ghernaouti is one of the world’s leaders into cyber-risks and cyber-strategy, whether at a corporate or State level.


Acquiring the tools for change

Our experts offer their international experience and their extensive know-how to both public and private organisations that wish to audit, improve or implement a cyber-strategy able to meet the challenges and the risks which they may encounter.

As an extension of its advisory activities, our company offers a wide range of individually customised training courses and conferences for the benefit of all economic groups, public institutions, local authorities, associations, or schools.


Secure your privacy

HEPTAGONE offers its customers premium services in the field of detection of electronic spying devices.

Serving companies or individuals, our firm is notably able to intervene quickly and discreetly to search for microphones and cameras (sweeping) or for the detection of GPS beacon on vehicles.

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